Renewable Energy Boiler Models

In this day and age people are finding many ways to save money on their monthly bills. This can be accomplished in so many ways – but what most people are not aware of is how using a renewable energy boiler can help with this. Renewable energy uses naturally replenished resources (wind, sun, water, and biomass) to provide hot water and central heating to homes.

Baxi offers a number of renewable energy boiler systems to consumers. Their engineers have studied the technology and have quickly become some of the leaders in heating technology because of it. They have invested a great deal of time and money into producing a wide range of tested heating systems all over the UK and United States.

Baxi Renewable Boiler Systems

  • Baxi Solarflo
  • Baxi Geoflo
  • Baxi DACHS – mini combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Baxi Biomass boilers

Above are the most popular renewable boiler systems that Baxi produces. Even now they are working on making newer and better products that will use Micro-CHP, fuel cells, and air source heat pumps that will target the problems caused by the change in climate.

Many people will have a difficult time trying to spend the money to have these installed into their home. There are several options that will help with this. Homeowners can look for funding from their local Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform’s Low Carbon Buildings Program. Programs like this make it easy for people to improve the environment.