Micro CHP Technology

Each boiler systems is built differently. Some are designed to be used in small homes and others for large buildings. Some are energy efficient and others will cost you a fortune to run each year. Baxi has a research team that tries to use various technology that will improve their boilers. One that they are well known for is Micro CHP.

Micro CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power. This technology is used to replace the gas boiler inside of a central heating system. It has the ability to burn gas for both water and space heating. While it does this it is able to generate close to 3,000 kWh of electricity every year. The purpose of this technology is to save money and prevent large amount of carbon from being expelled.


What makes it so great to use? One of the most important benefit that it has to offer is the money you will save every year. It is energy efficient and produces law carbon electricity like no other system.

The biggest disadvantage that some people have problems with is that this technology is only useful in larger homes or businesses. It has an electrical output that is less than 50 kWe. Most of the smaller homes only produce between 1 to 3 kWe.


There are different forms of Micro CHP technologies and features that make them great to use in various applications. The most basic are called the ‘prime movers’. This is used in systems that will generate heat and power directly from the input fuel.

As few others will function by burning the fuel in the engine in order to drive the generator and produce heat. The fuel cells will convert the gas immediately into heat and electricity through an electro-chemical process.