Condensing Boilers

Condensing boiler systems run on either gas or fuel. These are considered to be the most efficient systems that you can use. They have many benefits and offer a huge energy savings that is hard to find in the most traditional systems. They are also environmentally friendly and some states are trying to demand that they be installed over all the others.


A traditional system will convert 60% less of the fuel into heat making the efficiency rating low. Most of the condensing boiler systems are at 90% if not more. This is a significant energy savings and one that will help to cut down on CO2 emissions. This makes them both environmentally friendly and it will help to save you money each year that you use them.

How They Work

These function by condensing the exhaust gases and the water vapor contained within the gases and pulling the heat from them. This prevents the gases being expelled from the system and helps to recycle it to generate more heat. Unlike the traditional boiler these are designed with dual heat exchangers that are a great deal larger. Both of the exchangers work to maximize the amount of heat being extracted and prevent large amount of gases being expelled.

How To Install

These are fitted into an existing heating system. It is best to hire a contractor who can install the new unit and prevent any problems. Depending on what system you are using will depend on what type of condensing boiler you will be able to use. There are three types of units to choose from; regular, combination, and system. All of these are considered to be some of the most reliable and will last for years with the proper maintenance.