Combi Boilers

When you live in a small home or apartment every space that you have available is needed. That is why it is not practical to have a standard boiler system. These are large and noisy to have when you have to place them in one of the closets or in a small room off the main part of the home.

Another problem with these is that they produce too much heat inside of the home. This is a waste of money for you and just not practical. That is why many people will replace these oversized units with a combi boiler system from Baxi. These are much smaller and work the same – but they do not require as many parts.

There is one big difference that sets this a part from every other system on the market. Not only is it small – but it does not have a separate tank that holds the cold water supply. The boiler is connected directly to the main water supply in the home or small office. This is part of what makes it so easy to use in smaller areas.

Without this tank it can be mounted to the wall or installed neatly in a nearby closet. It also requires fewer parts – which makes installing it very easy and any repairs you have to make will be lower cost. It will also be one of the quietest units that you will ever use.

Baxi Combi Boilers

The great thing about a Baxi combi boiler is the features that it comes with. Most of these systems are more efficient than any average unit you might purchase. However, Baxi is able to take this one step further. There models are rated between 85% and 98% for efficiency and are also given an Energy Star rating. This is a great thing to have and you could use it as a tax break.