Baxi Wall Hung Boiler

There are a number of different models that Baxi will offer to customers all around the world. One of their most famous are the Wall Hung boiler systems. These are at type of full range modulating near condensing systems. These are often used in colder climates and will run on natural gas or propane fuel. Something that is easy to get a hold of and that is often priced reasonably.

So what makes these models great? The first thing that we should consider when purchasing any type of system for our home and when we are going to spend a lot of money is how efficient it will be. There is no use buying something that is going to go through the fuel so much that you feel like you are wasting money in the end.

After numerous tests these have been given an efficiency rating between 86% to 98%. These are able to be used in homes or office spaces that are between 600 top 6,000 square feet. They are powered by gas or propane and are designed to cut down on the amount that they consume.

It is important to use something that will help to protect the environment around you. That is why the engineers at Baxi have made these to have a greenhouse gas emission between 38% to 53% when compared to the standard systems.

These are compact and can be used for closet installations so that you have more living space to work with. Each one of these are CSA approved and have been certified by the ASME H-Stamp and have an Energy Star rating. With the Energy Star rating you could qualify for a tax break.

Another great benefit to consider when you are using a Baxi Wall Hung boiler is the noise reduction. The larger, standard systems are often loud and annoying. These are designed to work quietly so that you don’t even know they are there.