Baxi Luna Boiler Systems

There are many different models available from Baxi. One of their most famous are the Luna boilers. These are environmentally friendly and emit 80% less NOx and 90% less CO. These are compatible with any type of wall or baseboard radiator, hydronic air handler, and in-floor radiant heating units.

In order to better understand the Baxi Luna boilers you must know about some of the more common units that they sell. Below we have listed important information concerning the Luna HT 380 and the HT 1.45. Each unit varies in certain things – but both are proven to be 90% efficient.

Baxi Luna HT 380

The HT 380 is a combination central heating and on demand domestic hot water boiler. It has a DHW flow rate of 3.9 US gpm and a built in three way electronic diverter valve. This valve is used to connect to the indirect tank – which is optional to have on a unit.

This unit is designed to fully modulate from 112,601 to 32,804 BTU output. It is also built with a modulating fan, gas valve, and a calibrated venturi. The nickel chrome stainless steel is the primary heat exchanger and has a high resistance to corrosion. There is no welding inside of it and it has a large heat exchange surface and a low heat inertia. The Baxi Luna HT 380 price is around $4,000.

Baxi Luna HT 1.45

The Baxi Luna HT 1.45 is used for heating only. It modulates from 153,546 to 52,058 BTU output. It is built with a modulating fan, gas and air mechanical control, and a calibrated venturi. The nickel chrome stainless steel body is the primary heat exchanger – which is resistant to corrosion and has no internal welding.

The main part that makes this so efficient is the double CPU microprocessor and the automatic self diagnostics. The anti freeze protection helps to prevent any problems and to keep it operating at 86 degrees. You can connect this to up to twelve different boiler systems. It costs around $4,500.