Baxi Geoflo

There are a number of parts that are used to make a Baxi boiler. One that is very important is the ground source heat pump. This part is used to transfer the stored thermal energy from the earth into the water heating system. This part helps to make the process more efficient and renewable.

One of the most common of these parts is the Geoglo heat pump. This is a single phase unit that is more commonly used in domestic homes and are available in outputs between 4kW to 20kW.

How It Works

This heat pump will tap into the natural heat that it held within the ground. It will store the fluid in the evaporator and keep it only a little bit cooler than the source to allow it to draw latent heat directly from the earth using heat collectors that have been buried in the ground.

This is a stable energy that will provide hot water and central heating to the home. It will be able to collect the heat when it is around 10 degrees Celsius and will increase the temperature to a level that can be used for the heating unit. The more the pump increase the temperature the less efficient it will become. That is why it is installed as an under the floor heating system.

Where To Use It

  • Use in well insulated homes
  • Use in low energy homes
  • Use in homes with a ‘wet’ underfloor
  • Use with low temperature heating systems
  • Use in off gas areas
  • Use away from living area