Baxi Brazilia Wall Heater

The Baxi Brazilia wall heater is different from a boiler – but it is able to provide heat throughout certain parts of the home. It is usually best to have these installed in the hallways, landing, or even in bathrooms. It provides additional warmth to rooms that are often left out in the cold!

These units run on gas – which makes them easy to control and affordable to use. Because they are from Baxi you will know that they are efficient and reliable to use. During the installation process all you need is an outside wall that the heater can be mounted onto and a small hole in the wall where a flue can be put.

When using the units it is important to understand how to control the ignition and temperature settings. This can be done using the access controls on the unit. They are easy enough to understand. It is important to remember that there is no pilot light on standby so you will save some money in fuel costs.

The gas used to fuel the unit will burn inside of a sealed cast iron vent and will be vented to the outdoors. This means that there is no safety risks involved when you use them. If the flame goes out the supply of gas will be shut off automatically.

The Brazilia can be used on its own or with an existing central heating system. It will focus on the cold spots inside of the home that your existing system cannot seem to reach. They are compact and will not interfere with the look of your home. All you have to decide on is what unit you wish to have.

The most common model to choose is the Brazilia F 8ST. This gives you the most control over the temperature that you wish it to be set at. It is built with a thermostatic ‘comfort control’ system that you will use to adjust the warmth to set between 0.6kW and 2.3kW. It comes in a beige finish and with oak side panels.