Baxi AmbifloAir

Air source heat pumps are used to capture heat directly from the air and turn it into energy that is used to provide hot water and central heating to the home. The Baxi Ambiflo air source pump is a water heat pump that I more commonly used in homes rather than businesses.

This is a one piece, lightweight, and compact heat pump that comes as part of a pack that is made up of other necessary parts. It is one of the low noise air source pump that is made for homes.

How Does It Work

The outside air holds a level of heat that is able to be captured using this pump. The air is taken to the evaporator – which will absorb the heat and transform it from liquid into vapor using the refrigerant.

The refrigerant will than pass through the compressor to increase the pressure and temperature of the vapor. Once it reaches the right temperature it will be passed into the condenser heat exchanger and transfer into heat.

When the heat is gone the refrigerant will turn back into liquid and will go to the expansion valve and than back to its original state. This cycle is constantly repeated.

Why Use It

So why is this part so important? In normal conditions this particular air source heat pump will have an efficiency level between 200% to 300%. Of course this will depend on the outside air temperature and the central heating temperature. When the difference between the two is small the efficiency is higher. This is also used to reduce the carbon emissions and fuel costs.