Back Boiler Units

A back boiler unit is a compact system that is installed onto the back of an open fireplace hearth. This will be situated behind an electric or gas fire or inside of the chimney breast. It is used to provide hot water and central heating. Though it might look small it is able to provide the heating evenly through the entire space and in a quick amount of time.

What is great about these types of systems is that they are very reliable and a choice that many homeowners will make. One of the biggest advantages that they have is the ability to run hot water through several taps at one time without losing any pressure. This is something that not a lot of other systems are able to do.

Baxi Bermuda

The Baxi back boilers first became popular in the late 1960’s when the original Baxi Bermuda system was first introduced. Many companies and homeowners felt that these were so reliable and they soon became the most popular on the market. Even now 90% of back boilers come from Baxi.

Recently Baxi has worked more on the technology that goes into making these and has come up with more inventive ways to make it more efficient than ever before. This means that your fuel bill will be greatly reduced – but that is not the only benefits and features that it has to offer.

One thing that many homeowners love about this model is that it is able to save so much space inside of the home. Many of the boilers from Baxi (like the Wall Hung models) are compact – but none of them can save space like the Bermuda. It is kept behind the fireplace and will even free up some much needed closet space.


  • Saves energy and reduces heating bills
  • 15kW heat output
  • Adapts to heat demand for better performance
  • No air vents needed in the room
  • Built in condensate pump
  • Flexible concentric flue
  • Whisper quiet operation